Neneshe's Botanicals

A small local minority Women Owned modern handcrafted brand located in  heart of Somerset County in Bridgewater, New Jersey from our home-based home fragrance studio.  Neneshe's Botanicals started out as Neneshe's Garden Blends in 2020 and in 2022 the brand developed into Neneshe's Botanicals.  We have always been fascinated with the use of fragrance to uplift and elevate everyday personal experiences.  Beautiful fragrances can transport you to a place, bring back a distant memory and also evoke nostalgic sensory experiences.  Our goal is to provide our customers the opportunity to Restore, Rejuvenate and Revitalize.  Our products helps to awaken your senses and satisfy your desire to create a unique space for your enjoyment and relaxation.



We value transparency and want to earn your trust as our customers.  Therefore, it is equally important for us to make a conscious effort to make products that cater to healthy living; therefore, it is our goal to help our customers make mindful decisions about the products they bring into their homes.  As a small handcrafted brand, we seek quality ingredients that will not harm our customers and the environment, we do consider every component of our products  Each product is cruelty-free, made in small batches and designed by hand from ingredients that are sustainably sourced. 


Our goal is to adapt internal initiatives that allow us as a company to do our part in sustaining our environment.

Some of our packaging materials are biodegradable and recyclable. Our goal is to use 100% sustainable packaging materials in order to become an eco-friendly brand.