In 2020, during the middle of the pandemic, when all seems hopeless and fearful, Sherene embarked on a lifelong dream of mixing fragrances and making her own candles. With Lorraine’s encouragement and the assistance of her caregiver, Sherene started making candles by providing instructions on the process. The experience was as if she was teaching a fun Chemistry class. During the winter of 2020, we conducted a test market, and the products were well received by many close friends and family members. The Feedback proved successful everyone enjoyed the candles immensely.

Sherene and Lorraine Campbell, sisters on a mission to live out their dreams and passion are the dynamic force behind this brand. Drawing on Sherene’s love for Biology and Chemistry and Lorraine’s expertise in Marketing Research and Strategic Planning, the sister team joined forces to develop Neneshe’s Botanicals.
Our passion for being surrounded by beautiful fragrances with botanical and Tropical fusion stems from our Caribbean traditions combined with staying updated on modern trends.
We realize that each person is drawn to a particular fragrance and introduced a number of scents in a line of collections. Our goal is to cater to your unique scent and preferences. We do encourage our customers to try something different.