Birchwood Pine Wooden Wick Soy Candle


Release a picturesque winter feel inside your home with this perfect blend of pine, balsam, and birchwood.  The fragrant notes of red apple, sugared berries, citrus zest, fir needles, and eucalyptus blended with woodsy notes of cedar wood, sandalwood oak moss, and musk create the essence of a winter mountain forest. A beautiful fragrance that is reminiscent of walking through the wilderness surrounded by nature and majestic fir trees.

  • Top Notes:  Red apple, sugared berries and citrus zest
  • Middle Notes:  Fir needles, eucalyptus and green foliage
  • Base Notes:  Cedar wood, sandalwood, resinous, oak moss and musks 

All 13oz candles are Wooden Wick Candles.  When lit they give off a crackling sound similar to a fireplace with no sparks. They are carefully handcrafted and are tucked inside a sleek 4” x 4” x 6” black box. These candles are great for the living room, bedroom, or family room.

Candle Size:
• 13oz

Single Wooden Wick:
• Clean burning, natural crackling Wooden Wicks made from FCS Certified Wood which are made in the USA.

• The candle is housed in a modern beautiful lustrous or iridescent premium quality glass vessel.

These vessels are selected to boost the fragrance scent and uplift your burning experience. They are premium quality and can be reused as a part of your home decor.

• Made from sustainable, biodegradable Earthy Raw Pine Wood, sourced and manufactured in the USA.

• 13oz Net Weight

Candle Life:
• Burn Time 70+ hours

Product Dimensions:
• Height 4.1 inches
• Diameter 3.75 inches

Each candle is made with our custom blend soy wax and premium quality fragrance oils infused with essential oils.

• Toxin free cruelty-free
• FCS Certified Wood Wicks

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